Helping bodies, heal themselves.


Artfull Hands is a place and space to relax, reset, and restore your energy. My mission is to bring balance and healing to every body. My practice is based in Traditional Thai massage and Ashiatsu (barefoot Shiatsu.) I find that these two styles, along with Acupressure make for a perfectly balanced tripod to help our bodies tap into their own healing abilities.

These floor-based modalities are great for everyone, and highly effective for relieving all types of tension, stress and pain be it from long days at the computer, cycling, running, dancing, or other physical activities.

A session will leave you feeling re-energized, relaxed, and renewed! Check out some of the testimonials to see what others have experienced.


Welcome to Artfull Hands where the mission is to bring balance and healing to every body. Artfull Hands specializes in therapeutic massage, in particular, traditional Thai massage as a way to help your body tap into it’s own healing abilities.

Thai massage is great for everyone, and highly effective for dancers, athletes, yoga fanatics and anyone else engaged in an active lifestyle where pain, tension and injury are all part of the territory.

In addition to all of the health benefits and therapeutic treatments for specific conditions, Thai massage has a unique way of simultaneously relaxing and energizing the body Drawing from ancient Indian and Chinese traditions Thai massage is great to treat specific issues as well as to maintain balance and harmony in your body, mind and spirit.